Saturday, June 14, 2008

social graces

After recently having the combined realization that practicing 'sabbath' is still in the Big Ten (up there with not murdering and stuff), AND that we are going to both have seizures if we don't slow down, we've decided to fail to attend our district church meeting this morning in favor of sleeping in.

On another note, I ran into a very very old friend this week while shopping: one of the pastor's daughters from my church growing up. The funny thing is that our conversation was perfectly awkward, and for ONCE, not because of me. She kept stopping mid stream during the perfunctory catch up Q&A to explain that she'd rather not pry. She made reference repeatedly to a book she's read about social graces, which had taught her to avoid such topics of 'do you think you'll have any more children' etc.
The only reason I mention it is that I think that is an awful way to live. If you assume you are constantly offending other people, you must be giving yourself license to take offense at everyone else, too.
If you accept a code that equates even the mildest of prying to offensive behavior, I think you'd end up the most friendless and angry person.
Just a thought.
That level of supposed caution seems at odds with the idea of assuming the best.
Sometimes ignorance is bliss compared to living in a world where everyone is taking things the worst possible way. I used to live like that, but these days I'm tired of being a cynic. It's no way to survive and have a happy life.

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