Sunday, December 18, 2011

Jailhouse Walk

Jailhouse Arts, Gallery and Studio, Main St, Buena Vista, served fabulous snacks for the body, mind, and spirits tonight. I basically ate dinner there, and listened to a very sweet gentleman play a 'stick' guitar (video).  The Art Walk also had wonderful pieces of Brynn Ronning's work featured at the Asian Palate, (where the tom ka gai soup is addictive, but the pad thai a complete disappointment) and the Coffee Roastery tonight, which featured a little bluegrass duo (video).

Sid's earrings made from watch gears

tinkerbirds designs

watch parts rings..the ONLY reason I didn't buy one is...they were $60.  (sigh)  so cool.

this is some of Sid's work growing copper on glass..

tinkerbirds designs

Sid working in the glassblowing/metalworking shop

Brynn's photography printed on canvas, ink detail

Brynn's work at the Asian Palate gallery

really cool suspended fabric over the sushi bar at Asian Palate

my favorite of Brynn's paintings

the lady Brynnnnn

the Jason

the art critics, stopping for thai soup at Asian Palate, on our tour of Art Walk tonight

below, a clip from the bluegrass duo at the Coffee Roastery

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Buena Vista

Buena Vista, Colorado, pronounced by the locals in the German fashion, "be-yooooo-na-vista," has to be one of the most fashionable one stop light towns I've ever seen.  And right in the heart of the tiny downtown, the Buena Vista Coffee Roastery and Bakery.  We stop in at least twice a day.  One only has to glance around town to see where the local artist Jessie Orlet (whose paintings are displayed at the roastery) has drawn inspiration; there are horses and deer grazing in every other lot.

painted wooden children's section furniture

pastry chef at the Roastery

Chris, barista at the roastery


the architecture here is so hilariously and fantastically country western, in the best possible way

the old theatre.  sadly not in operation for the past six years