Thursday, December 23, 2010

christmas and the science of melting snow

Today was our final Creative Arts class, as Hannah is moving to California for the semester...

Levity's manger scene, etc.

Bella's snowman, tree, candy cane, star, "Mary and Joseph," and heart

Earlier, in Science, we measured the rate of melting ice:
in hot water, vs. cold water, vs. salted, vs. under pressure, vs. control.

setting up the countdown timer

bucket of dirt snow we used for snow balls

Levity records times in the scientific notebook

couple of songs

second song: wrote last year
first song: wrote last month, dedicated to dad, played at memorial service

I need your love

Let me fade

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Books and Bindings

This is the most poorly bound book ever born.  Alas, I should have waited for Hanna's binding lesson.  Here is my journal to start the year, as well as my adapted planner for 2011.  I revamped my planner from 2010 with a bit of personal art, illustration, etc.

I bound some of the girls artwork in for inspiration, and laughs.

First entries:  Dad's excerpt to "keep on dancing," and mom's recipe for pie crust.

front cover

back cover


some cool envelopes I  punched in

back cover

2011, I'm ready.


Today was Aunt Hanna's second to last Creative Arts class before she leaves for California for a year.  We are going to be desolate.  Today the girls made beaded necklaces, and snow men, since it looks like we won't be celebrating snow with Hannah this year.
As a long time fan of Edward Gorey, Tim Burton, as well as children's art in general, I am fascinated by these creatures.

notice that Bella selected to give her snow man a heart.  and shoes.
He looks scared, to me.  (I love Levity's, on the right)


A mush ball with a heart in it's head, and some dancing shoes.  (grin)

our bella belle.

Cargo by Sea/Plimsoll Line

I love the fact that I learn so much from home educating my children.  Did you know that freighters can carry a grater cargo load by salt water than by fresh?  Salt increases the vessel's buoyancy.  The plimsoll lines are the marknings for the ship's hull: when you've loaded it this far into the water, stop: deeper/more cargo could sink the ship. 

Today we experimented with cargo loads for different kind of ships (tin foil, foam meat tray, egg carton, dixie cup).  We also charted plimsoll lines for fresh water vs. salt water.  So cool.  I learn something new every day.  Literally.

the details (art/design)

I am saving up for a class at the YMCA: make your own dress form to size, out of duct tape...and a second class: creating patterns.  In the mean time, rather than hack together garments form scratch, I've been working on some embellishments.  Jason made a little embellishment this week, as well, to his ongoing art project: our house.  I must say it gives me great creative satisfaction to live with someone who whips these projects up, for fun, on a day off.


Levity got into the spirit of things, and added detail to her pleather jacket

Bella Makes Her Bed

dictation taken by me!

1.5 pies per person (Thanksgiving at Mom's)

We had fun.  We missed the Grays.  But we drowned our sorrows in pie and fashion shows.

chocolate pecan pie.  ooh baby.

"Hi, I'm Avocado Music..."