Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Not Sure

One funny thing about being the pastor's wife is that you have to be friends with everybody.
You don't get to choose your friends.
Isn't that strange? Everyone else gets to pick their friends.
In our church community we encourage natural, genuine friendship, though we expect and challenge everyone to show kindness and interest in others in the body.
But not for me. I'm on duty every day, everywhere I go, constantly "investing" in people's lives, expected to blindly give and give and give to people who don't give back to me, all in hopes of some kind of harvest someday.
What ever happened to me just having some friends?
Why are the rules different for us?
Should they be?
Is this yet another layer in the proverbial onion of the 'Pastors Are Superheroes' American fan club?
Or am I just short on having enough of my own 'superheroes' to invest in me?

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