Friday, December 9, 2011

Banthers (bathers and dancers, bathers and dancers, bathers and dancers)

The Boston MFA is open for free from 4:45pm-9:45pm on Wednesdays.  So go.

This is a wonderful exhibition, interesting, provoking.  And it has at least one Picasso and some other great comparison artists painting in the late 1800's and at the turn of the century.  Brilliant Monotypes.  Brothel sketches.  Massive works of pastel, which is the oddest medium to gain fame for, in my opinion.  Bold charcoals.  Just wonderful.

I myself am fascinated by the late 1800's in particular, and appreciated this specific glimpse through Degas eyes, as well as the transformation of his style and technique and artistic voice over a near fifty year period.

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