Saturday, January 8, 2011

Sketch a Doodle

I'm in love with our walkable downtown coffee shop, the Riverwalk Cafe.  Host to my book club, early morning journaling sessions, gelato rivaling NYC and now: Open Mic night, I can't possibly complain I'm trapped in "Cow" Hampshire.

After months of a boy dominated line up, I'm pleased to say five, count them, five girls played.  Ranging from spoken wordish deadpan humor songs, to a Nora Jones voice, to a girl who actually exhibited...wait for it...a song that included chords not in the key of G was a more than satisfactory showing.  Downside: I realize the words/imagery of "sky," "ocean," "emotions," and "good-bye" kept coming up.  With a start, I realize one or two of my songs could be categorized as Chick Songs.  Need to keep that in mind.  More original, less predictable metaphors, pronto!

Sketches from last night...

Today Jason attended an all day Church Council Training in Concord.  Apparently we pass time in a similar fashion- doodling in the margins.

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