Tuesday, October 11, 2011

"Change" song

My brilliant genius stylist-and sister Elizabeth, and I, spoke today on the phone.  I told her how, even though my hair is fried to a crisp, and faded to death, and we are SO doing hair surgery in the morning... people KEEP telling me lately that I look like Tori Amos.  So...she goes, "Oh, great.  Cause you're going for the suicidal agnostic look."  

Ha!  What??!??!  

And I KNEW I had to use that as a lyric in a song.  Immediately.  (laughing)  

I love my friends and I love my life, and I am so glad to be surrounded by such funny, smart and wonderful people.  
I feel so...rich.


limitless reaches of space
behind each of your faces
stare me down
a labyrinth of ladders and chutes
going no place

break me out of this case
joint or the head of which
i cannot place
say i'm pretty, yeah, say that i'm pretty
don't let it hit you on your way

oh great, i was going for the
suicidal agnostic look
so why's it always on the day
before the day
everything's about to change (for good)

life's a spinning prism
it is not a prison
so keep it turning in the light
keep it turning in the light.

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Hannah Carrell said...

Vous êtes le plus cool