Thursday, January 5, 2012

bag coach

Last month in Salida, Co, inside the vintage/consignment shop called Wanderlust, I spied a leather bag.  I adored it.  It turned out to be eighty dollars.  Good lord.  It was a leather Coach bag.
Today on Main St. in Nashua, at a new consignment shop on the block with the Vietnam Noodle House...I was searching for school satchels.  The owner, who opened a month ago, was rummaging frantically through boxes in the back for me, and carelessly flung aside this lovely, buttery chocolate brown fold over satchel hand bag.  I snatched it up.  It's the perfect profile, the perfect proportion.  Very vintage looking.  It was four dollars, and pure leather.  So of course I had to have it.  But..when I got home, I realized it had "COACH" leather stamped/embossed into the matching leather tag.  Good grief.  Really? ? ?  

(thanks to Levity for snapping this image for me)

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