Monday, March 14, 2011

Arabella art gallery etc.

I find the lyrical, joyful quality of Arabella's drawing so refreshing, so original.  So humorous!  Enjoy...

This is my absolute favorite.  The googley eyes...the braided hair...

Note the glasses: Music added them onto Bella's drawing.
another Levity random invention
Bella's queen of hearts
another Bella royal
I drew this for Bella to color

Julian won't eat baby food.  But he will eat paper.  And chalk.

My fabulous homes school assistant on Mondays, Rachel.
I hope Music made this one.  Not completely sure, and they've gone to bed...
I just had to include this detail...the looooong legs.
A fairy in flight?  Great gown scalloping detail, and shoulder padding.  Tres cool, Bella.

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