Sunday, March 13, 2011


Today I went searching in one of our mystery closets in a futile quest for OSX.5.8.   My dear friends gave, yes, g  a  v  e  me their old macBook.  But it's running on OS X.4.11, and keeps crashing and stalling...I KNOW we have a better OS around here, somewhere.

I didn't find it. 

What I did find was a scanner, a video camera, a tripod, an old Burton snowboard and pair of boots I've used, um, twice, bins and bins of card stock, photo paper, printer paper, a keyboard, nine christmas wreaths, a guitar case for my acoustic that still has a very strange smell inside, microphone stands, kids toys, oodles of outdated Adobe software, VHS movies, stacks and stacks of cd's, jewel cases, vintage dice collection, and tiny Star Wars figurines.  Among other things.

Why, oh why am I soooo stinking rich that my possessions seem like trash?  And yet, I can't bear to chuck them because...they might be worth something, someday, on ebay.

I have a disease.  I think it's called Americanity.

When you're rich in friends, you needn't be rich in cash.  (The friends would like to remain anonymous, two know who you are, T H A N K  Y O U!!!)

I had no idea we had this.  It's brilliant.  I can totally bring this to the coffee shop.  Yess!

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