Friday, May 6, 2011

Dress'd Up

C'est Fini!  

Thank you to Ashley at the Riverwalk Cafe for the inspiration to break into the knitting needles...

A wadded up 'flower' made out of the cuff of cast off children's capri's.  Great source of otherwise expensive elements and fabric.
detail on back right shoulder
I snipped the edges to make it floppier/more uniform.
I finally found an application for my favorite bead I've been saving.  (smile)

dress: on

Some matching button earrings I threw together; just strung them onto plain silver hoops.


Renee Yancy said...

You are such a ham!! You look just like an 18th century muse. How's that first chapter coming? Send it to me when you're ready.

Six Ways to Sunday said...

Oui, madam. As soon as 'tis ready!

Happy Mother's Day.