Tuesday, May 3, 2011

More Unflattering and Inaccurate Scribblings from Open Mic

I have this personality hang up; I sometimes get very, very antsy when single tasking.  First off, I'm not much good at having fun; I prefer to be working, doing something, preferably producing or making something.  Because of this, I tend to feel like I'm being held hostage in situations that demand my single, undivided attention, or sitting and standing around. Waiting in line at the grocery store.  Attending live musical events.  Rock Show or String Quartet, I have issues.  So I bought an e reader that borrows books from the public library. Presto, magic: I'm never stranded without a mental lilly pad to leap onto.  I also draw pictures.  Me and every child you know.  You could try it. It's fun.

Matt: digs radiohead, has a cool falsetto I envy, and plays backup guitar on the fly for anyone who asks him!

She said she was TERRIFIED, and that playing out has been a 2 year goal.  Did a nice rendition of Coldplay's Scientist.

This guy was amazing!  Cool voice, chill style, and had a back up guy playing a fantastic box drum.

Jeff played a lovely Ray Lamontagne cover this week in his usual openhearted style.  This is a horrid drawing of him, btw.  Well, they all are, really.

One of the new Ukulele crew

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Renee Yancy said...

My daughter introduced me to Ray LaMontagne.