Friday, June 3, 2011

What's round on the end and high in the middle?

I honestly believe that friendship is a cure for most ills.  It's difficult to express the level of therapy and hilarity and joy I experience swapping stories and ideas with dear friends, pastors and leaders that work all over the world to build people up in their faith, to help them become the people they were meant to be, in Jesus name.

I must also say that I am still processing a staggering amount of content that I absorbed and noted this week.  I am amazed by the variety, artistry and wisdom displayed in the array of speakers, work shop leaders, and creative arts that went into this year's program of events.  I am walking away feeling like "that is why I am in Foursquare.  It is not an accident.  I have a place here, and I have a future here."  I have some complaints and negative observations, as well, but I have already received a survey monkey request via email, and honestly believe my reaction is wanted by our National leaders, and so shall express those things there.  

Below are oodles of shots, many of which are taken in the phenomenal North Market, a famous international market of Columbus that was, fortuitously, about a block away from our hotel.  

Super cool chick who works in International Relations as a Translator of Chinese, Spanish and Portuguese.  With fab body art and a cool wallet.  (grin)

There was a lot of great mural art all over this neighborhood, and in the Market.

(photo courtesy of Jody Ogle)
(photo courtesy of Jody Ogle)
(photo courtesy of Jody Ogle)
(photo courtesy of Jody Ogle)
(photo courtesy of Jody Ogle)
Cooking school at the market

We took almost all of our meals here.  
New Ukrainian friend who grew up under Communism
He says it was love at first sight, and he asked her to marry him on their first date.

Pig mascot of North Market
The boys.
Guy, pastor from Haiti, John and Debbie Booker, and Jason

The best ice cream shop I've ever been to.  Top fave:  Cayenne Chocolate.  

Ice Cream Day Dreams

Ian!  Thanks for the fantastic pad thai.

"When I get bored, I make food."

Hand crafted pastas
More elaborate pasta artistry...

This place is definitely where the cool kids hang out. 

Jodi and Matt
New friends from Washington State
Steph and Rob
Matt and Rob
Steph and Jodi

Whoever this guys was, he said things I hope to tattoo on my brain forever.   Anyone...?


Alex said...

Mary Grace,

It was good to meet you yesterday at Emma's family's cafe. Your love for Christ shines in your eyes and rings in your voice when you speak. You have an excellent voice and a talent for songwriting.

It is very exciting to meet another Christian musician. I have a lot of questions as I begin my journey down this path. You mention in this post that you are part of Foursquare - I checked out the website and I like their strong message of salvation through faith in Christ, as well as the importance of friendship, community, and love.

I would like to hear more about Foursquare - anything you want to share. You seem like a very down-to-earth, cool person. I have a question: do you have any of your own music online that I can check out? Let's be in touch!

Your friend,

Six Ways to Sunday said...

Alex, my connection to foursquare is 100% via relationships with people in it...but what I most love is it's openness to the Holy Spirit, the arts, and the fact that the Foursqure family is in every continent, and has more churches outside the us than in; I love to compare my christianity up against what God is doing in other nations, to strain out what is style, and what is the essence of knowing Jesus, of knowing the God of the Bible. Also, I have all the songs I've ever written on youtube; crap recordings I made on photobooth, mistakes and all, but you can listen:

what about you? I want to hear more.

Absolutely superkiller to meet you, my brother. Much love, mg

Connor said...

Had no clue either of you were Christians when I saw you guys at the coffeehouse friday night, but now that I know, I'm excited about it. I spent most of my walk with Christ believing that the arts and theology were fundamentally at odds, but it is becoming increasing clear to me that they are not as I walk my own path and meet others who are passionate both about their relationship with Christ and the arts, people like yourselves.

Many blessings,


Six Ways to Sunday said...

Connor, I appreciated your confidence musically. There is nothing that drives me crazier than a mamby pamby christian who gets up there and, basically, with their body language and breathy whispers, apologizes for annoying everyone with their faith in music. You sounded great.