Friday, June 17, 2011

Open Mic

I imagine that everyone secretly wants to write their own music, and perform it.  Clearly that isn't so.  I rather think the people who don't are the ones leaping out of airplanes, playing the stock market, carrying deadly weapons.  We all have ways of leaping off cliffs, of scaring ourselves silly, of flirting with total destruction.  Mine just happens to be forcing myself up in front of other people to take what's in my heart and my head and smash and mangle it into a tune, metal strings and air, blown across vocal chords.

Truly, I've never been a part of a creative community quite like this one.  Here anyone can try.  I haven't heard a snide word spoken.  I am speechless each and every week as a bizarre cornucopia of folks, instruments, ages and mediums get up and kick down.  You will be cheered.  You will be clapped for.  You will want to get up and do it again.

Riverwalk Cafe, Railroad Square, Nashua.  All ages.  7:30-10pm

Steve, the Owner
Ben, Steve and Jane's son.  Played Bob Dylan, Low Anthem
Mike.  Likes to play originals, and lately, Foster the People
Emily, an employee, singing with her Dad.  Played 'Land of Your Imagination' from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory!  and Falling Slowly
Emma, Jane and Steve's daughter, a cellist, singing with Max.
3 song max
The Ukulelele crew
Andre.  Plays Bob Dylan and Nirvana.  Kinda.
Simon, Noah and Jed, played Hallalujah
He sand a few Appalachian folk songs.  Originals..?
Mike and Mary
Brothers Andrew and Dan, and Andrew's wife, Angela

Jeff.  Plays originals and Bon Iver, Iron and Wine
"Amerikant" the rapper.  "All you people think you're rappers, all you rappers think you're gangsters, all you gangsters think you're people."
French hornist from Old Abram Brown
Me!  I play lots of originals, plus Arcade Fire, Sea Wolf, Bell X1, Muse.

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Renee Yancy said...

Your blog posts and pics are amazing. I could never do that. You are so creative!