Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Language and Thinking

Most agree that reading is key to unlocking education.  Early reading is the focus of childrens softward, learning programs, and educational games made for kids starting at infancy.  I am convinced that writing effective prose is nearly as vital, since it is difficult to make use of knowledge or wisdom if one cannot communicate it.  It's one of my secret plans to launch our children into the work force poised for success and influence, wherever they go. 

Today we worked on Prepositional Phrases to add vivid detail to descriptions (Levity), and Narration (Bella), to gain familiarity with plot pacing, storyline, and resolve.  Bella had to narrate a familiar tale from memory.  We all worked on illustrating our work, each of us contributing to each piece.


LaDonna said...

Awesome. Do you homeschool then. My very confident daughter recently gave me a disortation on the reasons why homeschooling would be better for her then school. In a court of law, she would hands down win the case. It's never been a consideration of mine in a serious way but man she was convincing. Just wondered. Well done btw, your site looks great.

Six Ways to Sunday said...

do it. or, at least try it. public school is so utterly boring. (grin)