Wednesday, October 13, 2010


Today we learned how to create magnets out of metal, and then proceeded to sail ducks via attracting and repulsing poles of their home made magnets (magnetized sewing needles).  Did I mention I love Sonlight curriculum?  So easy and fun to learn with.  I fully intend to raise women who are Scientists and Mathematicians as well as Artists and Musicians.  Home Educating is an incredible privilege.  I'm very grateful. 

This week we crushed 5 days into 3.  Almost, at least.  Jason and I are attending the North East Fall Foursquare Leaders Conference in Jersey City this weekend, leaving in the morning.  Kids are going to Super Grammy's.  She usually picks pumpkins with them, then teaches them to make pie from scratch, or creates some other magnificently organic learning experience.  My mother is amazing.

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Julie H. said...

That looks like such a fun activity! I'll have to steal that idea when we cover magnetism.