Friday, November 12, 2010

Place Value and Regrouping Super Tip

Our Sonlight K curriculum suggested creating this home made chart to help teach tens and ones place value.  It illustrates how numbers 0-9 are the only numbers that fit only in the ones column, and that 10 and greater take up two spots.  Using close pins to attach number cards is working well, and is tactile and fun for Bella.
It is also coming in handy for Levity's grade 2 regrouping work.  It's a fun way to "take away" a "ten" and cash it in for "ten ones."  After using this chart over and over, Levity has grasped the concept of tens and ones much more clearly.  A visual, hands on set up like this takes the mystery out of abstract math concepts that I take for granted, and sometimes have trouble teaching.
Another great tool I've used for place value and regrouping is the Mathtacular dvd.

"3 tens and 9 ones = 2 tens and ___ ones"  etc.

Music occupies herself with domino houses, made popular by Grandpa Tom

Julian just hangs out and jumps in the door frame during school.  It's his current favorite spot.

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