Thursday, November 18, 2010

Physics, Chemistry, Elementary

I'm writing this with the fragrant aura of cloves, cinnamon, garlic and black pepper...cumin, bay and cardamom wafting through the house.  Levity is cooking Chicken Biryani...chemistry class. (otherwise known as cooking.)

Today we also made a puppet show out of magnets.  By attaching paperclips to their illustrations, and then forming a wand out of a powerful magnet taped to a linkin log, the girls performed mini stage puppet shows, complete with inappropriate bathroom humor and farm animals.  (That sounds worse than it is.)  You run the magnet wand under the "stage" of cardboard box to drag the creatures around. 

We also learned about how legos are made, and discovered there is a theme park in California called Lego Land, made up completely of lego blocks.  This study came out of a great book called See How It's Made by DK Publishing.

Bella's lego robot

This chapter details how plastic blocks are made by robots in factories...

the ingredients, and step by step creation process and time line.

Levity's lego robot

Here is our magnet puppet stage.

The magnet wand controls the characters above.

Levity came up with the most elaborate storyline.

Bella helping with the Chicken Biryani recipe.

Levity adding the new recipe to her book

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