Monday, February 21, 2011

M & C...the best shopping in the state.

Mother and Child has to be the single most brilliant retail concept on planet earth.
It's a consignment shop that has expanded to offer organic clothing lines, elite mother and baby acoutraments that are normally found only in upscale catalogues, as well as hand made jewelry, arts and crafts that would make your Etsy account jealous.

Because they sell only mall brand clothing like American Eagle, Delia's, and Abercrombie, you cannot just dump off your Walmart specials, and hope to earn store credit.  You can, however, trade in all your old cool clothes, and shop for free, once your items have sold.

At this point, almost everything I wear comes from Mother and Child.  Nothing beats free shopping,
and you're recycling at the same time! 

Mother and Child is now transitioning their name to M and C, since there is a rising tide of hipster teen boys shopping there, and they feel they have outgrown their name.

I suggested to the owner, who is also my neighbor, that there may be a certain hipster panache afforded to pre teen Indie boys who can boast that they shop at "Mother and Child."  It's hard to say just how far irony will go; I fully support their name transition, from a marketing position.

I am such an enthusiast that the owner has now supplied me with referral cards (pictured)!

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