Thursday, April 7, 2011

The Best Book Club in the Land

We don't drink wine, (coffee) we don't share our feelings, (much) and, yes, we actually read the books (almost all of us, almost always, almost all the way through).  

Shocking, I know.

Even more unusual, the magnanimous cohesion of a group of women that cross an expanse of political, sociological, spiritual and personality ranges that might appall you.

A social liberal with a hard core conservative.  A fundamental christian with an atheist.  A mid forty year old with a woman in her twenties.  An outspoken female with a silent observer.  A Whole Foods shopper with a food stamps receiver.  A stay at home breeder with a child free career professional.  A pro choicer with a pro lifer.

I am convinced that the secret ingredient to our coveted and beloved neutral zone is this:

We are not here to convince anyone else to ratify our opinions.  Rather, to present a defensible reason for our own perspective.  We observe each other.  We listen and learn.  And we enjoy the intellectual exercise.  We crave it, and we celebrate it.

Unbelievably good gelato.  Chocolate Noir, my favorite: the best chocolate experience I think I've ever had.  Sort of like mainlining a smooth, cool ganache. 
Out of Africa was a bust as a novel for we 21 century readers, but offered some descriptions and quotations that I will never forget.  We also bring in our own favorite books to swap on the side. 

‎"The thing which in the waking world comes nearest to a dream is night in a big town, where nobody knows one, or the African night. There too is infinite freedom; it is there that things are going on, destinies are made round you, there is freedom on all sides, and it is none of you concern."  -Out of Africa by Isak Dinesen

"The Fetta," one of the Riverwalk Cafe's breakfast sandwiches with spinach, egg, tomato, and fetta on a home made biscuit, is such a unanimous book club favorite that I felt it ought to be included.  (Thanks to Diane for the camera phone shot!)

Some of our favorite book club pics of all time:

1.  Shadow Divers
2.  Glass Castle
3.  The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao
4.  Stiff: The Curious Lives of Human Cadavers
5.  Skeletons at the Feast
6.  Under the Banner of Heaven: A Story of Violent Faith

We meet on the first Saturday of each month at 9am at the Riverwalk Cafe in Nashua.  We rent kits of books from the Nh Public Libraries, so the books are always free of cost.


Antje said...

Awesome! :-)

Mary Donnelly said...

well it!

Julie H. said...

It truly is the best book club in the land. I crave the intellectual conversation..... and the breakfast sandwiches :)

Sarah G. said...

This is fantastic, Mary Grace!!

Anonymous said...

Very well said, Mary Grace. The one thing that all the women have is intelligence, coupled with respect for each other's opinion makes for a great discussion each month. I look forward to the first Saturday of each month.

Renee Yancy said...

What a blast. This blog makes me miss you because I can hear your voice so clearly! Bravo! I hope when I am published that you'll read my books!