Friday, April 1, 2011

Oh my Groceries

1. Brown Jasmine Rice  

If you've never cooked with Jasmine rice, you owe it to yourself.  It is by far my favorite rice, but I'd all but given it up in favor of brown, until I made this discovery at Trader Joe's...Brown Organic Jasmine Rice!  Try it.  You'll never go back.

2. Sesame Ezekiel Bread
Some of you know I've been eating virtually refined carbohydrate/sugar free for the better part of this year.  This fully sprouted, flour free bread is a stopgap against the insanity of that deadly urge for a B.L.T. that overwhelms even the strongest willed among us.  Also great toasted and dipped in egg...

3. Slab (dried) Apricots
 These are the sour patch kids of the natural world.  Sulfur dioxide free, or nice and orange and chemical laced, if you like sour sweets, you will join the obsession after trying these.  (Trader Joe's also)  Not your typical fat lipped, plump, sweet apricot. Drier and quite sourish.  One of the few dried fruits you can get with no sugar added.

4. Organic Just Tart Cherry juice
My favorite pie in the world, and being a pie groupie, that is not said lightly, is my mother's Montmorency Cherry pie from scratch.  Drinking this is like skipping all the steps, and just mainlining it. Available at Hannaford, Shaws, Trader Joes...everywhere but my true love, "ghetto-basket."  (Market Basket)

5. Fresh corn tortillas
This is a staple of my "sugar free" eating.  No real explanation needed.  Weather you are gluten free, sugar free, or just obsessed with mexican food, fresh corn tortillas are a must have.  The fresher the better, fry them up with meat, beans, avocado, cilantro, plain yogurt, fresh salsa, fried fish, or whatever your heart desires.  It's one of the few meals one can indulge unfettered when eating in such a fashion.

6. Veggie Booty
This is my desperate, "don't have time to compose a meal" snack.  Named "green popcorn" by baffled friends, this kale dusted corn puffery is a convenient snack to have around for those moments when you know a slice of toast slathered in butter and melted chocolate chips is exactly the wrong solution.  (laughing)

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