Thursday, April 7, 2011

Glass Castles

I've been thinking about digging out my stained glass equipment.

I think Levity could begin with cleaning and wrapping glass, and work up to soldering, eventually.

Here are a few artifacts that have survived my adulthood as random ornamentation at our house.  Most of my early work is long gone, but one of the greatest features of Home Education is that you can teach whatever you like, and make your own hobbies and aspirations a part of their education, thereby rationalizing and motivating the time spent on said pursuit.

"Brilliant.  Efficient.  Satisfying.  Home School!"

(vs: "Tedious.  Agonizing.  Stultifying.  Home School?")

Soldering in marbles by wrapping securely in copper tape...
Soldering in coins (blacked out circles) adds interest.

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