Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Big Apple Fashion Designers

The girls are attending Nashua Baptist Church's Vacation Bible School this week, who's theme is Big Apple Adventure.  Tomorrow, they are entering the kids N.Y.C. theme costume fashion designers.  This afternoon I helped them create original dress designs, and construct them.  They described what they wanted, and I helped them do some stitching and composition, as well as design the over all look, and add details, etc. (I had them do about 40% of the beading they chose, and told them that since real designers rarely do all the work themselves, that I'd be their assistant and finish the rest.) 

I am very impressed with what they came up with, and we had a lot of fun, finishing three very basic dresses in just under two hours.  Music's is actually tied together.  Levity had the most complex idea, but with about twenty five stitches, it holds together.  Bella chose an old dress I'd designed in college, and cut and adjusted it to her size and vision.  So cool.  I love being a mom, and being a home educator.  You get to do what you love, teach what you love.  Here are a few of our pictures.

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