Friday, July 29, 2011

A Teacher's Heart

My little sister Hannah is visiting from California this month.  We've missed her horribly.  She didn't even get over the threshold before sitting down with my children and, in her soft spoken, patient way, showing them all sorts of bead making and metal working techniques.

The beauty of spirit that decides that all people are people, especially small ones; the spirit that takes what she knows and makes it accessible and tangible to them, takes my breath away.  So often we demand that children tag along in our world, and wait until they are grown to get to do real stuff.  Thank you, Hannah, for saying, with every part of who you are, that they are not too small, too clumsy, or too dim witted to grasp and achieve absolutely anything they can aspire to.

Some of Hannah's own designs and hand made pieces.

A friend's hand drawn design that she screen printed.

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