Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Inspired by Art

I'd like to be at the Gardener museum in Boston, or the MFA right now, looking at art, but even huddling in the basement of the Public Library, poring over pages and pages of 19th century painting, is enough.  Recent pieces of inspiratu...

Tiny head.  What was the artist trying to say?
I love the stylized, illustrative quality of this religious piece.  
Breathtaking renderings.  Got this at the Library.
This is a great, Pg-13 depiction of the drama, the spiral of the Terror in France during the Revolution.
My initial sketch in a series I'm working on for my friend's children's book.  
Jason's watercolor illustration for same friend's project.
I love that Levity takes art seriously, and that our children emulate us, in this way.  Quite a good drawing, I think.

There are so very few things that are as brilliant, as honest, as truly imaginative, as children's art.  Levity drew this too.  I find myself concocting entire story lines in my head after just one glance.  Amazing.
The hands.  Her face.  She seems so familiar to me.
Having worn that identical expression countless times, when I look at this  painting,  I feel I'm in conversation with a kindred spirit, and someone who could be alive, rite now, in a coffee shop down the street.  But instead, she and I were born far flung centuries apart.  
portrait of Bella that Jason is working on right this second.  He's making art, I'm blogging about it.  Is that bad?  (laugh)
Not everyone was beautiful in the 19th century.  There were women who had to make the best of it.  This person is so REAL to me.


Renee Yancy said...

Wow. You and Jason are so creative and now the kids are following in your footsteps.

I think the painting where you commented on the lady's hands is a bit strange. The fingers don't look quite human. To me, at least!

Six Ways to Sunday said...

I know! Those fingers...worm like, or something. Totally captivating. In a bit of a gross or odd way. They make me feel a little uncomfortable, and that is why I like them. (smile)