Monday, August 15, 2011

Bon Iver in Stitches

So.  Bon Iver.  Front row seat.  Mind blown.  Beautiful, mesmerizing, tight as a drum.  The show was completely brilliant.  The melodic orchestration was unbelievably flawless.  My heart soared.

They had great sweatshirts for sale.  I wanted one.  But Emma and I decided to make our own...

This is my velveteen home made 'bon iver' jacket.  Size 18 needle, off white embroidery thread, pink crayon on black fabric for a guide, a few hours, lots of chocolate, a youtube video explaining the "vine stitch" and the "back stitch," lengthy philosophizing with Emma, and Presto.  

Originally, I included the line 'Well I met you at the blood bank,' down the
front lapels, but thought it looked too busy.  I ripped out all but 'well.' 

ahhhh, Justin Vernon.  So inexplicably ordinary, so awesomely extraordinary.


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