Thursday, August 4, 2011

Regrouping to Thousands: Game

Singapore Math helped me crate this fun game for adding and regrouping to thousands.

1.  Crate game board.
2.  Label discs or any item into 10's, 1's, 100's, 1000's.  I chose to sticker label the colored square chips I had on hand.

3.  Remove face cards from a deck of playing cards.
4.  Place one 1 in the One's column.
5.  Each player must draw 4 cards per turn, and add the card's value to the One's column, then (second card) the Ten's column, then (third card) Hundreds, then Thousands.
6.  Whenever more than nine chips land in any given column, player must "trade in" ten chips in exchange for the next highest columns one chip.  

ex:  9 "tens" are in the Tens column.  The card drawn is a 4 of hearts.  Player must add 4 more "tens," bringing the total up to 13 "tens."  Player must then trade ten "tens" in for one "hundred" chip, leaving 3 "tens" in the Tens column, and adding one to the Hundreds column.

This has been very helpful for Levity to understand the "Why" of regrouping.

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