Thursday, August 4, 2011


"Mom, mom, come quick!  Come right NOW.  There are two bugs doing SEX!!!!!.  You KNOW you have always wanted to see that!  You're into Science!  You have to come NOW."

Well.  Yes.  I am into Science.  I'm also a voyeur, I think, since I brought my camera. 

It turned out we've got a double homicide on our hands, maybe even a love triangle.  This crazy moth thing is apparently feeding on the piggy backed carcasses of two unknown creatures: perhaps bees, in their past lives?  

The floor is now Open for your interpretations.  

(Levity has claimed the bodies for "Research.")

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Renee Yancy said...

I think those bug "carcasses" might be the molting of a cicada? We have cicadas everywhere here in Kentucky and I see these a lot.

My cat, Vivi, likes to bring in the live cicadas. She's trying to earn her keep and doesn't understand why we throw them back outside!

There's nothing worse than stepping on one with your bare feet. Yechhh!